Monday, November 19, 2007

33 Days

I'm counting down the days until my little baby girl is due (Dec. 22 2007) and I'm naming her Lainey she is my first baby. I am nervous and existed!

this blog is for my enjoyment as well as my benefit. i intend on using this blog for the study of my health and fitness after baby Lainey is born. i believe I have gained 40lbs so far and i have a month to go (till her due date) my weight before i got prego. was 140lbs. and I'm about 180lbs. ouch, i know :( but I anted on getting back into to my pre-baby clothes! and i hope keeping a daily blog of my health and fitness will help me stay focused and pumped lol

My BF Zach bought me a juicer to support me in getting back into shape. (he's great huh?) anyway im really exsited about this jadget it works really good..and the juice is awsome! it's really good and good for you. PLUS it's fast to do and that something I'll need when the baby comes. (33 more days!!!)